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Wren DeSantis
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Portrayed by

Victoria Justice

Wren DeSantis is a teenage girl who loses her brother after being forced to take him out for trick-or-treating on Halloween. She appears in the movie Fun Size.

Wren is portrayed by Victoria Justice.

Movie Plot

Wren and her friend April are invited to a Halloween party by her crush, Aaron Riley, but her widowed mother, Joy, orders her to take her oddball little brother, Albert, out trick-or-treating on Halloween. When she loses him in a haunted house, she must find him before her mother finds out.


Wren is your normal teenager girl with crushes, best friends, and family troubles. She is kind but can get very annoyed with her mother and brother.


Wren has long curvy brown hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. Her main outfit in the movie is a Dorthy (Wizard of Oz) costume. She wears a plaid spaghetti-strap dress over a long-sleeve white shirt with red covers and a plaid bow in her hair.


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