Victorious 2.0: Move Music From the Hit TV Show


Victorious Cast


June 5, 2012








Nickelodeon Records, Sony Music Entertainment

Victorious 2.0: More Music From the Hit Show is the second soundtrack for the television series Victorious. It was released on June 5th, 2012. [1]


In a Ryan Seacrest interview, Victoria Justice announced that they are working on the second soundtrack for Victorious. [2] Matt Bennett also said that he recorded a song (said to be performed in the episode The Blonde Squad) that will be part of the soundtrack. [3]


So far, three singles have been released, Take A Hint (performed by Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies), Countdown (Performed by Leon Thomas III and Victoria Justice) and Make It In America (performed by Victoria Justice). It is assumed that Make It In America is the lead single.

Track listingEdit

  1. Make It In America (performed by Victoria Justice)
  2. Take A Hint (performed by Elizabeth Gillies and Victoria Justice)
  3. Shut Up N' Dance (performed by Victorious Cast)
  4. Five Fingaz To The Face (performed by Victorious Cast)
  5. Countdown (performed by Leon Thomas III and Victoria Justice)
  6. Don't You (Forget About Me) (performed by Victoria Justice and Victorious Cast)
  7. I Think You're Swell (performed by Matt Bennett; iTunes bonus track)


  • Due to the fact that this is just an extended play, it is possible that they will release a full-length album with all the missing tracks.
  • 365 Days, It's Not Christmas Without You, Make It Shine (Remix), You're the Reason (Acoustic Version), Forever Baby, Okay, and the upcoming song Elizabeth Gillies will be performing in a new Victorious epsiode are all not included in this EP.
  • The Song is 2:55 and the original was 1:51.
  • This extended play only includes one Victoria Justice song.
  • Shut Up N' Dance is slightly different than the original recording with the Victorious Cast. Victoria Justice sings the whole song and it is a solo recording and is 2:55 (two minutes and fifty five seconds) and the original was 1:51 (one minute and fifty one seconds).


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