Victoria Justice Wiki

The Victoria Justice Wiki can be edited by anyone, but there are also rules that should be followed on this wiki. The following are the rules on this wiki:


1. Profanity is not allowed. This is a site about a teen actress/singer.

2. Any post or photo involving sexually explicit content will cause banning of that user and deletion of the said article.

3. Hacking an account of another user will cause blocking of the hacker's account with an expiry time of infinite.

4. Trolling: Any troll will not be entertained and will immediately be blocked.

5. Harassing of a user is inappropriate and is worthy of the act of blocking.

6. Articles not related to Victoria Justice in any way require an administrator's approval prior to creation, or they will be deleted, and the user will be warned. If the offense is repeated, a ban will follow.

7. Violation of the chat policy will result in punishments.

8. Any abusive language pointed at Users, The wiki, or Victoria is absolutely not allowed.

9. Posting comments in all caps will be deleted.

10. Vandalism is not allowed.

11. Not having read these rules is not an excuse.

Blocking Policy

Users will be warned for minor offenses, but major offenses may directly lead to a block. Repetition of minor offenses may also lead to blocks.