This is the page for all of Victoria Justice's real-life pairings!

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Avan and Vic in the Orange Carpet in the KCAs

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Liz and Vic.

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Leon and Vic on the premiere of Fred: The Movie.

Vavan (Avan Jogia/Victoria Justice)Edit

Victoria and Avan have been friends ever sice they met while filming Spectacular. Victoria and Avan do all wacky kinds of stuff, like wearing the same clothes, staring contests, and lots more. These two are surely best friends.

Elitoria (Elizabeth Gillies/Victoria Justice)Edit

Unlike their characters on Victorious, Elizabeth Gillies and Victoria Justice are very close. They do lots of hilarious stuff as proven by some pictures and videos. These two are completely the opposite of the characters they play.

Veon (Leon Thomas/Victoria Justice)Edit

Just like their characters on Victorious, Vic and Leon are very close friends. They hang out a lot, as seen in pictures.

Variana (Ariana Grande/Victoria Justice)Edit

Victoria and Ariana are were very close firends. They made jokes on set, have funny habits, and do crazy tricks. Despite the fact, that they are usually compared to each other. They recentely got into a heated public fight on Twitter where Ariana accused Victoria of being the reason of the end of Victorious as many people were saying that her new spin-off show Sam and Cat with iCarly's Jenette McCurdy. It is unknown whether they are still friends. 

Vic and Ari hugging.

Viniella (Daniella Monet/Victoria Justice)Edit

Daniella and Victoria Justice are almost sisters. They do wacky things on set, make jokes, and take crazy photographs.

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Vic and Daniella.

Vatt (Matt Bennett/Victoria Justice)Edit

Victoria and Matt are two very crazy people. They are fun-loving, extremely talented, and wacky people. There was even a video of the two pretending that Matt had a twin sister named Matilda!
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