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The Eris Fairy was a charater portrayed by Victoria Justice in an episode of the Nickelodeon series The Troop. The Eris Fairy appears again in another episode, but she is instead portrayed by Daniella Monet, due to Victoria's hectic schedule.


Eris In "Speed"

The Eris Fairy (Victoria Justice) is trapped in the Human World and thus unable to get back to her boyfriend in the Monster World. She takes her anger out on other couples at Lakewood High by using her super-speed to break them up.

Felix (David Del Rio) eventually captures the Eris Fairy with a ring containing a movement-triggered freezer and ties her to a chair to prevent her from using her super-speed to escape when she thaws.

Felix demands to know why she was breaking up couples, and Eris explains. Felix then releases a swarm of Dimension Mites to open a portal to the monster world for Eris to return through. Eris returns through the portal back to the monster world, but not before she tells Felix that he has a crush in a chemistry class. The portal then closes behind her.

Eris in "Eris Returns"

Another Eris Fairy named Cecillia (Daniella Monet) appears exactly one year later and falls in love with Etienne, mistaking him for Felix. The two make a belt for Cecillia that lets her move at human speed (so that Etienne can see her), and then begin dating. The two go to the school prom, where Todd, Cecilia's ex-boyfriend, attacks. Cecilia passionately says goodbye to Etienne, before opening a portal and pushing herself and Todd in, back to the monster dimension.


  • Justice did not reprise her role as The Eris Fairy due to her hectic schedule. She was replaced by Daniella Monet. Monet's character was a little less as hostile than Justice's character.