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David Vega is Tori Vega and Trina Vega's father, and Holly Vega's husband. He has appeared in Pilot, The Birthweek Song, Sleepover at Sikowitz's,Freak the Freak Out, Locked Up, and others. He is shown to be a caring, loving, and protective father, but when his daughters get too out of control, he tends to stay out of it. He is a cop, and Tori and Trina like to point this fact out at times when they get annoyed.

He is portrayed by Jim Pirri.

Family: Holly Vega (wife)

Trina Vega and Tori Vega(daughters)
Sonya (sister or sister-in-law)
Tori and Trina's Grandmothers(s)(mother/mother-in-law)

Relationships: Holly Vega (wife)
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